Illustration Styles You Need to Know

Illustrations are a great way to communicate ideas. A good illustrator needs to know how to grab the attention of his audience and engage them in his vivid illustrations. Illustrations are very common in our everyday life.

A career in the field of illustration can be very exciting and rewarding. As an illustrator, you will need to know the different styles of illustration that exist. By having a firm grasp of these illustration styles, you will be able to find your own artistic expression and master it. Here are some popular illustration styles that you need to know about:

Pencil Illustrations

Many people enjoy viewing pencil illustrations. This is because a pencil is perhaps the most accessible instrument for drawing that is available. Anyone can make wonderful art using a pencil. However, there is more to pencil illustrations than just making attractive shapes.

Pencil illustrations are filled with details, and they can appear very realistic and alive. A good pencil illustrator understands how to create shades and add volume and depth to the illustration.

Watercolor Illustrations

We all know that watercolor is a very difficult and delicate paint medium to work with. Hence, it is a joy to watch a true artist or illustrator get it right. Watercolor illustrations are incredibly nuanced, and they create a beautiful, transparent, and soothing effect. Many illustrators enjoy working with watercolors for children’s books and women’s magazines.

Pen-and-Ink Illustrations

This is another beautiful illustration style, where the illustrator uses high-quality pens and inks to create illustrations. The ink pens allow the illustrators to create beautiful and elegant strokes. Ink illustrations are also a great way to explore different contrasts.

Fantasy Illustrations

Fantasy is undoubtedly one of the most popular genres to exist. As a fantasy illustrator, you will need to be extremely creative and do your best to bring out your vision. You will need to create something utterly unique and explore mythological themes in your art. There is a huge audience that enjoys illustrations of various books like The Harry Potter series, The Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire series, and so on.


In this style of illustration, the aim of the illustrator is to create a hyper-realistic illustration. Many of these illustrations are so realistic that the audience becomes convinced they’re real images. This illustration style is used along with many other different illustration styles.

Minimalist Illustrations

While a minimalist illustration may appear extremely simple, a great deal of thought actually goes into them. It takes skill and creativity to express complex ideas in a simple and sophisticated way, using a few shapes and forms. This is the challenge that a minimalist illustrator has to undertake.

Minimalist Illustrations

To Sum Up

These are just some of the many illustration styles that are out there. Make sure to experiment with different illustration styles. This will help you develop the required skills to be able to come up with your own creative illustrations.

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