LOLCAT Teh Exhibishun

Art makes the world go around. It inspires us like no other. Get ready to step into the world of the beauty of the minds.

Ideas for Better Arts

About Us

We’ve brought together an array of cool cats and witty kitties – including graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, animators and writers. Ignoring the crudely makeshift LOLCAT aesthetic, each of these artists has come up with their unique take on the theme to create a piece of beautiful, amusing and exquisitely crafted LOLCAT art.

Soapbox & sons and Artefact Picture Framers

Proudly Presents – Lolcat – Teh Exhibishun A group art show exploring the weird and wonderful world of lolcats. Some ideas are in traditional communications channels. Others are in the arts. Some are outside of any definable media or channel. 

Soapbox & Sons likes to champion ideas and the people who create them. These ideas help big brands launch products, grow customer bases, raise individuals’ voices & sometimes are done just for the hell of it. The ultimate aim is to do interesting things in interesting places with interesting people.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers set the tonality of the brand through their art. They pick up the language and turn it into an art.


Capturing the vision is tough and our photographers would leave you marveled at their thoughtful beauty.


Illustrator designs are elegant and aesthetically pleasing. The beautiful pieces of stunning art can capture any heart.

Animators & Writers

They are like two peas in a pod. While animators express a story through art, writers right the beautiful stories.


“Love the whole atmosphere here. I am always creatively inspired.”
Mary T. Fuller

Latest News & Updates

The exhibition takes place at The Framers Gallery with 50% of all proceeds going to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home